Teresa Brown has had an interest in writing since grade school but never pursued it seriously due to professional responsibilities. About five years ago, Teresa was inspired to write a story that had been rummaging around in her head for 30 years. It took two and a half years to complete the first draft and another year and five major revisions to refine. In addition to Sweetbriar (which she penned under the name of Paula Judith Johnson,) Teresa and her husband wrote poetry to each other in the early days of their marriage (37 years) and published that book 20-some odd years ago. Teresa now plans to re-format that book for broader publication.


D. C. Jesse Burkhardt is a Portland area writer and photojournalist. He has penned two travel-adventures based on his experiences jumping freight trains across North America in the 1970s, as well as several books on Northwest railroads. Burkhardt is the owner of Rolling Dreams Press, a small Northwest independent publisher.  
Travelogue From an Unruly Youth - A romantically confused youth travels North America by freight train, searching for adventure and meaning. "Travelogue " explores a hidden and unconventional world of boxcars rolling through the powerful landscapes of a continent - and of the changing landscape of the hearts of a man and a woman. A winner of the Washington Press Association’s award for best non-fiction books in 2008. 
The Crowbar Hotel: By Freight Train Across Canada -  Burkhardt describes a trip with a buddy across Canada, from Vancouver Island to Toronto. Along the way, the two encounter a series of dangers and face threats of deportation - which turn comical as encounters with railroad security are repeated in numerous towns. 
Burkhardt is also a very skilled photojournalist. He has published, Railroads of the Columba River Gorge - Historical black & white photographs from the Gorge. Freight Weather: The Art of Stalking Trains - With color photographs and narrative, this glossy, hardcover “coffee-table” book offers a contemporary look at railroads in the Pacific Northwest, with a special focus on the Columbia River Gorge.

  Veronica Esagui 's  two books,Veronica’s Diary: The Journey of Innocence describes in the most candid manner the first eighteen years of the author’s life, growing up in Portugal, until she came to the US in 1962. She learns at a very young age that she has no freedom to date or marry who she likes and that there are no friends to turn to. Veronica’s mother works out an arrangement with her sister Nelly, who lives in the US: a prearranged marriage is set up between Veronica and Nelly’s son. Veronica's Diary II—Braving a New World begins by introducing Veronica, a Portuguese immigrant, who just arrived in the US via an arranged marriage to her cousin. While raising her two sons, Veronica struggles to balance a domineering live-in mother-in-law, and a failing marriage. Since a divorce is out of the question, she is faced with the difficult choices of leaving her husband and running away with her sons, getting rid of her mother-in-law through extreme measures, or simply following the guidance from her mentor, Aunt Heydee, whose voice still advises her to, “grab the bull by the horns and stop complaining.” 
     Her honest and sometimes humorous diary entries reflect a young girl who is literally growing up with her own children. Through her own personal quest for self-discovery, Veronica learns to play guitar and becomes a music teacher and performer, newspaper reporter, playwright, theater producer and owner of several music studios. 

    After reading Veronica’s Diary II the reader walks away with the understanding that we all can become who we really want to be, regardless of life's disappointments and tribulations. 
        Veronica will also bring her book, The Scoliosis Self-Help Resource Book which  includes over 100 pictures with step-by-step easy to follow instructions with The Esagui Scoliosis Protocol (TESP). The book is "reader friendly" encouraging the person with scoliosis to express their feelings and learn to be more proactive with their treatment. In addition to TESP protocol, Dr. Esagui provides examples of how a healthy lifestyle, diet, and ergonomics can assist with scoliosis treatment. By reading this book, a person with scoliosis will discover that there are other choices besides drugs or surgery.


  Jack Graves retired in 1989 after a 33 year teaching career; 31 at Camp Tillamook teaching court-committed youths. He has since been an intervention teacher to expelled high school students, a boy scout leader, a Port Commissioner, a director of the County public transportation district, and a writer for the local newspaper, as well as a parent, and a doting grandpa. He began writing when In 1991 he attended a meeting to form the "Garibaldi Historical Association" with half a dozen others. The first evening's project was to write two pages of local history. Graves wrote his two pages, and even though the historians' group never met again, he has not quit writing. He has since written many poems, news and feature stories, short stories, and seven books- three of which he publishes as Garibaldi Books.   


Rebecca Harrison  has two books available to share at this fair. Deep Dark and Dangerous: On the Bottom with the Northwest Salvage Divers,"Rebecca Harrison's title, Deep Dark and Dangerous, promises excitement, and the book delivers. It traces the history of salvage diving in the Northwest through the true stories of divers who were pioneers in their field. Each chapter is a stand alone tale of incredible courage. Through these stories and historic photos, the reader can see how diving suits evolved over the decades and how equipment and tools were created as needed...This exciting book is available online through Amazon and Barnes & Noble as well as numerous bookstores and museums on the Oregon Coast."                                                                                            -Judy Fleagle,   Oregon Coast Magazine , July/August 2010 

 Her second book is a republication of her book on child abuse, co - authored with Jean Edwards, Child Abuse: A Guide for Teachers and Professionals. This book tells the experiences from survivors as well as a source book for teachers and professionals who deal daily with this problem. http://childabuseaguideforteachers.tripod.com/

Terry Irish and Bobbie Snead  are the authors of two authentically Oregon books for children.  One is called Owl Grove and is based on the discovery and tracking of a baby great horned owl.  The other is A Pika's Place and describes how a Pacific Northwest mountain pika establishes its own territory.  Bobbie is a naturalist and Terry is a writing teacher so the books reflect their attention to detail in both the setting of the the books and in their artistic presentation.  The books are illustrated with their own photographs. These books make wonderful gifts for children along with helping them to learn more about our natural environment. 


 Paula Judith Johnson* is the author of Sweetbriar, which is set in the turbulent years leading up to the War of 1812, American Bradley Anderson, strong-willed captain of the merchantman, Angel Star, foresworn to live life on his own terms and heedless of the feelings of others, lusts after the beautiful Beth Avery.  But Lady Beth, the pampered daughter of Milton Avery, 4th Earl of Rockwell, resists the longing in her heart and chooses to remain in the safety of her homeland, determined to marry a fellow Englishman. While free - spirited Louise Jetter, desiring to cast aside the restrictions of her English Puritan upbringing, risks all for love as England and America clash in the rising tide of war.  


Rita Traut Kabeto  is an author, artist, artisan and publisher.Rita writes fiction, non - fiction and poetry with a metaphysical touch. Rita is a German native and also translates fairy tales from the region of the Bohemian Forest.She has several books, including Fanny's Flight, Weird Steffi, Run Away Jamie, Crows and Other Pedestrians, Tales From Bohemia, How the Mouse Spoiled Everything and When the Blackbird Called.



 Susan Kalior's books shed light on the psychology and sociology of the human condition along with open - minded philosophies and wisdom for psycho - spiritual healing and transformation; self - improvement, coping with death, wisdom, heart and dreams, sex, mysticism, fear of ghosts and illusions. Some of her books are, Warriors in the Mist: A Medieval Dark Time Fantasy, The Dark Side Of Light: A Medieval Time Travel Fantasy, Growing Wings Self Discovery Workbook: 17 Workshops To A Better Life (Self-Improvement, Personal Growth and Transformation.) 

Susan offers seventeen workshops which include written and creative visualization exercises designed for the individual to explore one's nature; deal with pressures from the outside world; free one's self from psychological traps, deal with guilt, anger, anxiety and depression; one meets one's needs.


Rene Parent has written a humorous semi-autobiographical book, Jobless in Gainesville: Finding Meaningful Work and Our Place in the Sun. His new release, Those Birthdays In - Between was released this year.  "Mid morning an insurance agent from Ohio calls. "I know you are busy," she says. "I'll keep it brief." Ten minutes later, she laments she always wanted to write. Reading of ourselves is what writing is about and her story waits and is as valid. Weave the everyday routine and those days that aren't. Perhaps a spring break road trip to Lake Tahoe or celebrating the first dozen years poolside in Sacramento. Or maybe those birthdays in between which introduce new decades while celebrating amid family in Vermont. Still it's not what you say, or even write down, rather what others tell themselves as they read alongside. "Write daily of the everyday," I tell her. "Start with the insurance person calling." Writing - a conversation we place ourselves within."


 J. K. Remel* finds stories relating personal experiences which touch on universal themes. He lives in the Pacific Northwest and enjoys an ever expanding reading audience. He is a new writer with his book, A Sibling Within. "The things we tell strangers. Stories move, stir and at times, stop us in our tracks. Books, the things we tell strangers, do this on occasion. We read of ourselves, our life echoed in the detail. Each of us has one, a story filled with: laughter, tears, activity and relationship. Still no story is told in its entirety, it's just some echo longer. The stories penciled in early morning fog. The stories found within a hotel lobby in San Francisco's Tenderloin district. Even the stories left behind in a Vermont sawmill pond - or begun there. We detail our life to fill pages of a book inside each of us, the one that reads our story, one setting, one sibling within at a time. The things we tell strangers."


Carolyn J Rose and Mike Nettleton write many fun books. Their mysteries are set on the Oregon Coast (the Devil’s Harbor series from Krill Press), New York’s Catskill Mountains (Hemlock Lake from Five Star), Portland (the two-book Paladin series), and New Mexico (the three-book Casey Brandt series). They fictionalize about the places they have lived and worked in their careers in TV and radio. They both write individually and as a team—an undertaking that ranks right up there with roller skating on a calving glacier during a moderate earthquake. In fact, right now, thanks to Krill Press, they are at work on book three of the Devil’s Harbor series.


D. M. Ulmer enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1947. In two-years, he was promoted to third class electronic technician on-board the submarine USS CLAMAGORE. Six months later, he was advised he’d be transferred to the Naval Academy Prep School.  When Ulmer asked his captain “why me?” the skipper replied facetiously, "I don't think you're smart enough to make second class and I need the bunk space!" D. M. Ulmer has his own website which covers his several war and military novels, including, The Cold War Beneath, Silent Battleground and Shadows of Heroes.

Gemma Whelan
is an Irish-born theater director and educator. After moving to the San Francisco Bay Area, she directed more than sixty stage productions and was founding artistic director of GemArt and Wilde Irish Productions. Gemma is also an award-winning screenwriter and film director. She graduated from Trinity College, Dublin in English and French, and has graduate degrees from University of California, Berkeley in Theater and San Francisco State University in Cinema. Gemma now lives in Oregon.

   Gemma's book,Fiona: Stolen Child is her first novel. Fiona Clarke, an Irish writer living in New York, has been running away from her past since she left rural Cregora, Ireland, for boarding school. That past finds her, many years later, when her thinly veiled autobiographical novel is optioned for a movie. Working as the film’s consultant, Fiona unearths deep secrets, relives childhood trauma, and connects with an estranged family thrust back into her life. As her history opens upon her, Fiona must stop running and confront her secret shame: her long-held sense of responsibility over the death of her little sister.































 *  Pen names of authors already attending